Isn’t Winter over yet?

beach2We think that we should be done with Winter for one Winter, however, it doesn’t seem like Winter is quite done with us.  Where can you go to escape the snow, rain, cold, mud and mess that is headed our way?

We have discussed this before, but now things are about to get desperate.  Rain is forecast for the next while, followed by sun, which should be good news, but will bring the snow thaw and all that that means.  Mud, ice, mud, flooding in the low areas, and of course, mud.

If you really need to get out of town until the weather calms itself, here are two  suggestions.

Ever visited South Carolina?

Well, we never have, but after doing this research, we just may need to!

South Carolina boasts over 380 golf courses, so if golf is your game, this might look like heaven.  The courses range in difficulty and varied terrain, and some are even State Parks.

If your’e not a golfer, maybe you should be, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your time away from snow shoveling.  For instance, there are beaches.  Seabrook Island is an excellent choice of a lovely beachy place to visit.  Of course, they have sand and the ocean, as well as golf, but if you are looking for more ways to enjoy being outdoors, there is horseback riding, tennis, and nature walks.  Or head to Charleston, only twenty miles away for all of it’s historic charm and exciting dining and shopping opportunities.  Seabrook Island is a steal!  At two-bedroom weekly rental will only cost $995 on average.  Hardly pays to stay home!

If you are looking for something even more family-friendly, check out Edisto Island, also in South Carolina.  The average weekly rental cost for a two-bedroom vacation home here is only $784.  Edisto Island is quiet, but, if you need something to do, you can charter a fishing trip or go dolphin watching.

In conclusion, either of these destinations will be snow-free and warm, and a welcome break from our current weather.





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The Best Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Coeur d’Alene, ID

Interested in real estate investment properties in Coeur d’Alene, ID? While there are really no bad investment properties within the city limits, you want to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck, and doing so will depend on what type of investment property you’re interested in.

Commercial and Long-Term Residential

When looking into purchasing or investing in commercial and/or residential real estate, there are many options available in Kootenai County, but there are a few primary locations worth investing in right now. As more and more people relocate to Kootenai County from places like Southern California and the Northern Midwest, Coeur d’Alene has been growing steadily outward over the last several years, developing the outlying countryside for both commercial and residential real estate properties. The same trend can be seen in CdA’s neighboring towns of Post Falls and Sandpoint, both highly desirable areas to live and invest in real estate. As these three towns naturally grow closer together, the value of the property between them will continue to grow. And most of it is still cheaper than trying to snag a piece of real estate in any of the downtown or overdeveloped areas. While these developed areas are a surefire investment, they will cost a pretty penny up front, and you may see higher returns on a real estate investment in newly developing areas.

Vacation and Short-Term Rental

The city of Coeur d’Alene has a relatively short summer season, but those precious few months are what make it worth sticking it out during the winter. Coeur d’Alene thrives on it’s tourist season, and because it’s so short, it is positively bursting with activities and events. Many vacations and short-term rental properties get booked long in advance, sometimes several years out, depending on the location and aesthetics of the property. But the pristine summer scene is not the only reason people snatch up short-term rentals in Coeur d’Alene. The winters, while cold, are considered to be fairly mild compared to other popular lake towns, and with so many excellent winter sports resorts close by, it is the perfect low-key place to set up shop for a winter vacation near the mountains and is rapidly growing in popularity alongside winter resort towns like Vail, CO and Park City, UT. And of course, there’s always the beautiful changing of the seasons to witness in the spring and fall, what with Coeur d’Alene being so full of various trees and foliage all the way to the downtown strip.

Plan a long-term stay in Coeur d’Alene during the off-season and see for yourself why it’s such a great place to invest in! Tour the neighboring cities, get to know Spokane, drive around the lake to see all the possible areas there are to explore, and you won’t look anywhere else for your next big real estate investment.

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What is a property manager anyway?

managementWe call ourselves property managers, and we are.  We know what we do, but do you?  And even more important, why do you need one?

Property management

There are many things a property manager may do.   What they do is dependent on their agreement with the property owner. However, here are three things that a good property manager will do for you.

First, rent

He or she should set, collect, and adjust the rent of the property.  They need to know what the specific property should rent for.  This is based on it’s location, condition, age, and what the market will bear.  The proper cost for rents is not just what you want to receive every month.  In addition, what you need to clear each month is not the right basis, either.  The right person will know what to charge.  In addition, he or she will be in charge of collecting the rent, and handling any and all problems with the tenants with regard to rent payment.  If and when market conditions change, the manager must know when and how much to adjust rents to keep your property competitive in the market.

Second, tenants

Your property manager will make sure that your investment property is rented.  The right one will know where to place ads, and know how to screen applicants and make the best choice for you.  He will need to know how to initiate eviction proceedings. They must know how to determine the best length for the lease. The right manager will  know how to protect Your rights and your interests within the lease.

Third, complaints and evictions

The property manager will handle any complaints from the tenants. Therefore, in the event of an eviction, your manager must know who to call and how to proceed.  As the property owner, you  should not need to be involved in the day-to-day operations of their income property.

In conclusion, the right property manager can keep the tenants happy, the building maintained, and you making money.


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A kitchen “facelift” can bring big results

kitchenSpring is coming, and you want your home to be as listing-ready as possible.  Here are a few tips for making your kitchen look great without spending a fortune.

Reface those cabinets!

The kitchen is the best place to spend money for the best return.  It doesn’t take new updated appliances and stone countertops to make your kitchen look and feel fresh and new.   Those expenses are unnecessary.  Your cabinets were the newest look in kitchens when you first purchased your home.  However, a few years have elapsed and they could use a fresh new look.  Not handy with tools?  If you are, you might consider buying new cabinet faces.  Perhaps you are tool-challenged.  If so, try sanding and re-finishing or painting those dated cabinets .  A can of paint or stain could be all you need to give your kitchen a brand-new look, and paint is not expensive.  You tube abounds with how-to videos, so if you aren’t confident about your painting skills, you can find whatever information you need to become painting pro!

But I just love the red cabinets!

The bold color that the cabinets were painted or that your selected was one of your favorite aspects about your kitchen .  However, you are moving, and your potential buyer may not agree with your “statement”.  Stick to a neutral color palette for your update, and check the Internet for the latest hot trends in kitchen colors, or better yet, choose neutrals that have a wide appeal.  Remember, you are trying to please someone else, and bright colors are very personal.  Try to imagine what color will best suit your existing appliances.

New hardware for your cabinets

Hardware trends change from year to year, finishes and materials come and go in favor.  You may love your polished brass hardware, but unless it is this year’s new “hot” finish, you will probably want  to purchase something timeless and again, neutral.   Stay away from anything with too defined a style.  You don’t want to label your kitchen country, rustic, modern.  Your preferred style may not be theirs, and you want your buyer to see themselves in your kitchen.

In conclusion, with just a bit of effort and money, you can give your dated kitchen a fresh, appealing new look and get top dollar for your work.

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Interior decorating trends for 2017

terra cottaOk, last time we talked about this year’s trends in interior paint colors.  We decided that the best choice is to go with whatever colors match your furniture, or suit your life.  This week, we are diving into the ” hot” trends in interior design.  Oh goody!

What’s new?

According to the experts, last year  we should have added white and other cool colors.  Now, we need to be all about warm textures and colors.  Terra cotta isn’t just for floors anymore.  All the “best” homes will be using it.  In the form of feature walls, and in fireplace surrounds.  Although, we are being warned to stay away from terra cotta that looks too rustic.

Not all cork is in a bottle

Once we have our terra cotta feature wall, we are ready to tackle some cork, or are we?  Apparently, we should consider using cork for accent pieces, such as end tables and/or coffee tables.  We may even go so far as to make a feature wall from cork.  And, we can pin things right to the cork wall.  How practical.

Are you feeling optimistic?

Well, if you are, this is the year to redecorate!  The experts agree that jewel tones and etherial fabrics will express our optimism both about where we have been, design-wise and where we are going.  Last year, we should have “done up” our homes in copper, marble, and of all things, fiddle leaf fig plants.  However, how to dispose of our no longer desired must-have house plant eludes us, we imagine that you can send all your now unstylish decorative items to the Goodwill and start over.  Furthermore,  you can  incorporate all of last year’s great decorating items into your freshly terra cotta and corked home and make the perfect blend of  “retro” and what is “hot” for this year.  We say, good luck!

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