Summer is here! Vacation time!

Finally, Summer is here, and it is vacation time!  Whether you have two weeks or just two days, here in North Idaho, we have some great suggestions for you!  Read on for inspiration!

 First, Silverwood Theme Park vacation

Located in nearby Athol Idaho.  If you and you family enjoy great theme parks, this is the place for you for a weekend.  As well as rollercoasters, the park offers a water park.  The water park features slides and pools to cool you down during the hottest part of the day.  They also offer RV spaces.  In addition, there is available lodging in Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, and Post Falls.  They  offer specials because they partner with the park.  Ticket prices are good, and the kids will love it!

Second, Coeur d’Alene Resort

The resort is a great weekend destination for so many reasons, but always for it’s natural beauty and proximity to the lake.  Along with that, they have a world-class golf course featuring the famous floating green to test your game.  As well as golf, they offer a variety of lake cruises and many packages which give you a variety of choices.  Some cruises even include a meal.  Coeur d’ Alene is a vibrant fun city to visit any time, and the hotel offers deluxe accommodations and an amazing location.  Check it out!

Third, Camping in Coeur d’Alene

If you love camping and a weekend is all the time you can spare, look no further than Coeur d’ Alene! There are loads of campgrounds and RV parks in and around Coeur d’Alene.  Go online, you are sure to find just what you are looking for, whether you are in an RV, a tent, or want a cabin.  This area is beautiful any time of the year, so get out and enjoy your weekend off!

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: “Up North”

This weeks Vacation Spotlight is all about “up North.” The part of Idaho thats not quite part of Canada. Vacation SpotlightThere are several amazing towns up near the border that are often missed by the major “Vacation Experts” that are worth the stop! While not necessarily warranting a full fledged vacation (unless you want to hit up the spa at the Kootenai Casino and go visit the outdoors once or twice) these little towns in Idaho are a serious MUST SEE for anyone who loves the outdoors! First on our list has to be Moyie Springs! Hidden off the highway from Bonners Ferry, this little gem features a tiny town of a few hundred people, and amazing hiking trails! There is tons of water in the northern part of Idaho, and Moyie springs have tons of cool places to find! Any of the locals can tell you the easy to find hot springs, and the “outdoorsy” types will get you to the more difficult ones. Moyie Springs is basically a cool body of water treasure hunt. There are so many trails to blaze that one trip isn’t going to do you justice! It is also home to one of the tallest suspension bridges in the country (fun fact of the day)!Vacation SpotlightAfter your travels through Moyie, you should head back to Bonners ferry. A super cute town, Bonners is filled with local people that love where they live. The hiking and fishing here are amazing and the locals willVacation Spotlight tell you “second to none” I’m not good enough at fishing to know, but if atmosphere has anything to do with it, they are probably right. While it does take a while in the spring to warm up, Bonners is a great visit in the summer since the temp is never about 75! Unlike Moyie springs, when you want a bite to eat there are several great restaurants to stop at and you can supply at the local grocery store. They have a great winery to stop at as well! The best hiking trails are on the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge. Tons of local animals (and ducks, especially ducks) congregate in the refuge and add to the amazing ambience on the reserve. This is a must stop if you enjoy outdoor activities! If water is more your thing, Priest Lake is THE stop! Featuring crystal clear water, the lake is great for fishing and recreational activities as we get closer to summer! Another tiny town, Priest river is an amazing drive away from the lake, and features more of our Idaho local color! Known as “Idaho’sVacation Spotlight Crown Jewel” Priest lake features amazing hiking and fishing opportunities year round. You won’t want to miss this gorgeous gem! While they might not be the place to spend your full vacation week, our smaller local towns are amazing day trips. They give us a chance to see nature in a way most of the country has forgotten, and are perfect for stretching out, and enjoying the view!


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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Sandpoint

Vacation Spotlight: SandpointThis weeks vacation spotlight is about Sandpoint! There are a TON of small Idaho towns to visit, and right at the top of that list is Sandpoint. Situated in the heart of the northwest, this small town of about 7500 is an absolute GEM of a vacation spot! Strongly featuring some great local food, and a ton of places to stay right on the lake, you are sure to enjoy your time spend in this little lake town. For starters, the food here is AMAZING! There are several awesome restaurants you will Vacation Spotlight Sandpointwant to eat at. Breakfast here starts early and is good at all the local diners. Our particular favorites have to be the amazing Mexican/American fusion breakfasts at Joel’s, and anything on the menu at Panhandler’s. Their pies are the things of legend, and they are the best anywhere I’ve tested in North Idaho! Stick to their breakfast menu, and you will be a huge fan of their laid-back atmosphere and really satisfying food. After you stuff your face with food, there is a ton of shopping just down the street from Panhandler’s. All the local boutiques are right down the street and feature a ton of local artists and crafts. Its about a 2 hour shopping trip down the street, and that will prep you for lunch. All the locals know to eat at McDuff’s Pub! The food is amazing and the beer is some of the best in the northwest! If your in the mood for a bit lighter fair you can get a great lunch salad at Laughing Dog. Both breweries have great lunch menus and will set you back less then 15 bucks with an ice cold Vacation Spotlight: Sandpointbrew! Eat quickly though, because afternoon is the perfect time to check out the lake. There are several marinas that will rent you a boat for under 100 bucks, but I might suggest walking on the beaches. There are a few nice little parks along the waters edge walking distance from where you just had lunch! If you like golfing there are 2 courses SOMEWHAT close to Sandpoint. Priest River and the Elks. Both are easy courses, and make for a good couple hours after a light lunch. Depending on the season your visiting there are many art and beer festivals, and a ton of hiking trails as spring starts to break into summer.

The true highlight of the trip will be your dinner. There are so many great dinner spots its hard to just pick a few! The Hydra Steakhouse is the BOMB. Everything on the menu is super good. No matter what you end up eating, SAVE SPACE for a mud pie. Trust me, their amazingly tasty. Trinity has great seafood dishes and has an amazing location as well. If your hoping to save a few bucks, you can hit up the brewery you missed for lunch, or stop in to Spud’s or Jalapeños. Both feature great price cuisine that is delicious. After dinner, sitting on the beach watching the sunset is THE BEST thing you will do on the whole trip. Really, this is what vacations are about. Great food and relaxing. So pull up a chair and enjoy. Theres more to do in Sandpoint, but who really cares? Enjoy the view, theres more activities tomorrow!Vacation Spotlight: Sandpoint

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight!

Idaho Vacation Weekly Spotlight

Each year, we get asked a million times: What is the BEST Idaho Vacation? There isn’t just one answer, Idaho Vacation Spotlighttheres a boatload! Northern Idaho is packed with hidden vacation gems that anyone who loves the outdoors should visit! Each week we are going to spotlight a different great vacation spot. These will include obvious spots everyone knows about, down to the tiny cool towns worth a day visit! Please feel free to let us know of any amazing vacation spots you know about and we will get them included in one of our vacation spotlights!  Northern Idaho is known for amazing lakes and rivers, and beautiful mountain peaks. The hard part is finding the place to stay that doesn’t break the bank! We here at CDA Real Estate Investment know that finding the right place to stay makes the trip great! So sit back and enjoy our weekly Idaho Vacation Spotlight! It is going to be one heck of a ride through our great northern state!

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Spokane (Part 2)

spokaneThis week we decided to finish the “Idaho” Vacation Spotlight for Spokane! Last week, we covered some of the amazing food options in Spokane, and this week we want to check out great places to see. Spokane manages to be centrally linked between urban and rural. With only a few hour drive in either direction you can be in a big city, or Canada! Finding the perfect weekend activity is super simple. Staying in town? Great! Riverfront Park is a great place to take the family! Originally created for the Olympics in the 80’s, Riverfront Park just recently started a multi year expansion. There is an arcade, gondolas over the falls, and Primo shopping throughout this beautiful walkthrough. Check their website (above) for notice on special events like farmers markets and concerts. There is always something to do down there and its a great day trip if you have never been!

Many people don’t know, but there is a gorgeous arboretum in Spokane! Known as Manito Park, it is about 90 acres of ponds, flowers, ducks and geese! This fantastic place to take the family is free entry, and is open most of the year. The flowers mid spring-summer are the “people draw” here! It is worth an afternoon at least! There are a few other great parks in spokane. Several hundred year old churches line downtown, and most are open for tours. You can also stop by the falls for a breathtaking view of the Spokane river.

spokaneIf you are a fan of the arts, you don’t have to look any further! Spokane Civic theater has shows year round. The theater is known for the quality of acting and directing. It is the best theatre anywhere before getting to Seattle! Make sure and check their website for most recent shows to find one your in love with! Downtown also has 2 great movie theaters and tons of food!

While not as pristine and forested as the “official” members of the Vacation Spotlight, Spokane does offer a big city feel in a little town! If your planing a trip, make sure and include it in your plans. Next time we will cover the best places to stay!

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