Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Spokane (Part 1)

SpokanePutting a Washington city in the Idaho Vacation Spotlight is cheating! Who writes these rules anyways? After some careful deliberation, I have decided to include Spokane in our spotlight because: A) Its not even an hour away and B) I like Spokane. Now then…the “Idaho” Vacation Spotlight this week!

Spokane is a cool city. It blends just enough “small town but city” feel (alla Boise) with “real city, but spread out enough to feel homey.” Aside from being a great place to live (you can choose urban or country housing and STILL get to work on time) Spokane manages to have a ton of great local events, and just the right amount of city flair! This week I will cover some of Spokane’s great venues, and we will follow up with food and events in later weeks!

Idaho Vacation SpotlightAh, food! My favorite subject! Typically getting high quality cuisine this far inland is a chore. Somehow the local business owners manage to get fantastic quality food and it shows! Whenever you think of a foodie city, your mind wanders to New York, or Portland kind of places. Fact is, food network has made several trips to the amazing local restaurants up here, and eating at any of them is a treat! Guy Fieri liked the area enough drive-ins, diners and dives made FIVE appearances in Spokane!

Elk Public House has amazing sandwiches and is well known for great atmosphere. The owners have several other restaurants around the area (MOON TIME SHOUTOUT!) that are fantastic and its an all around good idea to hit them up!

Hill’s is a cool divey place. Located in an old pharmacy, they make everything from scratch. Everything. The food tastes just like you would expect: amazing. Highly recommended and scrumptious. Waddell’s and Picabu’s both have the brew pub vibe. Great sandwiches, environment, and sides. Rather then mess with the menus just ask your server what is fresh. Sometimes the chefs go crazy and create awesome concoctions that are a sure bet! If your looking for a good time, and an awesome sandwich to get on your hands, any of Spokane’s finest will satisfy!

Sometimes I get carried away with my Pub Grub. Its amazing! There are also many folks out there that love the upscale dining scene.


All this talk of sandwiches has me hungry…I’m going to make a stop at Meltz…

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Post Falls

Most outsiders wouldn’t consider Post Falls a “vacation” town. Geographically, it is located between Coeur d’Alene and Spokane and is typically considered a bedroom community. In less then 15 minutes you could be in Coeur d’Alene with the downtown bar scene, or watching an IMAX movie in River Park Square! Truth is your not going to stop in Post Falls for a weekend, but if you skip it altogether you will be greatly missing out. There are several amazing places to stop in Post Falls and you won’t want to skip it! The Spokane River dam (and where Post Falls gets it’s name) is an incredible site! Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Post FallsPictures never do rushing water justice, and its certainly true here! A short trip out from Post Falls proper is Falls Park. Surrounded by green forests and great places to each lunch or dinner, its a great stop for outdoors loving folks. It’s almost hidden gem status and the park is never stuffed with people. Truly a must stop!

Post Falls also has an excellent golf course in The Highlands! Often a venue for parties, weddings, the course features and excellent restaurant and pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. The golf pros keep their shop stocked with fantastic new products and it really is a friendly course to visit! If you love golfing and enjoy the North Idaho outdoors, make sure and mark this one down on your card.

Indépendant breweries and distilleries are really exploding in the United States, and it’s especially true here in Post Falls! In the past few years, half a dozen brewers have opened up small bistros where you can get great food, beer, and conversation! Of special note is Up North Distillery! They make fantastic whiskey and really strive to create an “underground” feel to the distillery. The food is amazing and you won’t be disappointed! We also have Selkirk Abbey and BiPlane Brewery offering fantastic ales to round out your slightly drunken trip through Post Falls! While not a vacation hotspot, there’s more then enough to do for a day! Whether your into relaxing in a spa, or enjoying the great outdoors, give the restaurants in Post Falls a shot! You will be glad you stopped in, even if you’re on your way someplace else!

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Idaho Vacation Spotlight: Spirit Lake

Recently rediscovered, Spirit Lake is an amazing vacation spot if you hate the crowds! Everyone knows thatVacation Spotlight: Spirit Lake staying in Hayden or Coeur d’Alene you have access to a great lake! People are even starting to find Priest Lake as well (gorgeous area you have to check it out sometime). The real North Idaho secret lake is Spirit! With over 11 miles of coastline there are tons of places to be alone right against the water. Once it stops freezing outside the lake tends to stay warmer then most others because of it’s depth. Being one of Idaho’s highest elevation lakes has its perks: The Selkirk mountains surround the lake on all sides and combine hiking and water into the same trip! There isn’t much to do in town so you will want to stay closer to Coeur d’Alene or Hayden, but they do have one amazing even each year! On Fathers Day, Spirit lake hosts Spirit Lake Redneck Racing! A ton of locals supe up ride-on lawn mowers and then race through town at breakneck speeds!. If you haven’t been to a lawn mower race your in for a shock: Some of these machines Vacation Spotlight: Spirit Lakecan get to speeds over 40 miles an hour and a wreck is a serious deal! While a hard event to plan around you will NOT be disappointed if you can make it!

Spirit Lake is a perfect weekend getaway for avoiding the “cities” and enjoying the outdoors. There are not enough places left in the world to get such an unpolluted breath of fresh air! If you need a rental while your here call me! Where you stay is as important as WHY you stay! CDA Real Estate Investment is the local leader in great vacation rentals and I will love to get you into a great place!

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