Idaho Vacation Spotlight!

Idaho Vacation Weekly Spotlight

Each year, we get asked a million times: What is the BEST Idaho Vacation? There isn’t just one answer, Idaho Vacation Spotlighttheres a boatload! Northern Idaho is packed with hidden vacation gems that anyone who loves the outdoors should visit! Each week we are going to spotlight a different great vacation spot. These will include obvious spots everyone knows about, down to the tiny cool towns worth a day visit! Please feel free to let us know of any amazing vacation spots you know about and we will get them included in one of our vacation spotlights!  Northern Idaho is known for amazing lakes and rivers, and beautiful mountain peaks. The hard part is finding the place to stay that doesn’t break the bank! We here at CDA Real Estate Investment know that finding the right place to stay makes the trip great! So sit back and enjoy our weekly Idaho Vacation Spotlight! It is going to be one heck of a ride through our great northern state!