Still time to plant a garden!

According to  garden experts, it is way too late to plant seeds with the hope of a good crop. They are probably right, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t grow some vegetables.  If you do it right….

How do I start now?

In case you hadn’t noticed, almost everywhere you shop stores are offering plants.  Vegetables, flowers both annual and perennial, vines, shrubs, and trees.  The world is loaded with things you can grow!  If you wanted to harvest tomatoes but neglected to start seeds in your kitchen  in March, don’t worry!  There’s still time to get  plants and plant them.  With good weather, and good luck, you should get some wonderful home-grown tomatoes by Fall.

Vegetable plants, started and growing are available everywhere you look.  The trick at this point is to buy the biggest, hardiest shortest growing season plants you can get  your hands on.

For example, you can buy many different types of tomatoes, from Beefsteaks, which take longer to grow but produce much larger fruit,  to Early Girl, the type we usually grow here in North Central Idaho.  We have had good luck with the Early Girl, mostly because it has the shortest growing time.  We usually do start our plants inside, even though we buy them as plants.

Tomatoes don’t like it cold.  Spring around here is especially unpredictable,so  it is best to keep the plants indoors until you are sure that cold nights are past.  There are vegetables which like it cold, like lettuce, which will do fine outside right now, but tomatoes will not.

What else can I plant?

We hope that you don’t mind that vegetable seed planting time has passed you by.  You can  just buy your vegetables pre-grown from the grocery store, that’s good too.  There are TONS of other options, as we mentioned above.  Pick whatever you would like to grow, buy it, and get in the ground, and enjoy the nice weather and the fruits of your recent labors!