Great Spring rental ideas

door1Well, it looks like Spring is finally making an appearance here and people are finally going outside and moving around.  They will be looking for homes and apartments to rent. The last time you  updated  your rental property was when?  Use these three tips for easy cost-effective updates that will bring you a great return!

One: Install a new outside door

The first thing a potential renter will see about your property is the front door.  The first impression will not be great if the door looks old and worn out.  To change the front door is easy, inexpensive, and a great way to make your property more appealing to renters.  Also,  you can easily replace the door hardware if it is worn out.  Remember, the color and style that you choose will say volumes about what is inside.  Choose the right color and hardware and your rental will really stand out at first look.

Second, paint that interior!

When was the last time that you painted the interior of your rental ?  If it’s been a few years, it is a wonder what a fresh coat of paint will do to spruce up your rental and give the space a new feel.  We have discussed paint colors in the past, but new fresh paint gives an excellent financial return.

Third, that shower curtain!

When did you replace that shower curtain in your rental home last?   Don’t remember?  not good. Does it match the bathroom paint?  Is it clean and fresh?  If the answer to any of these questions is no, you need to replace the shower curtain.  Shower curtains are very affordable.  In addition, they come in an endless variety of colors and styles, are easy to install and will make a world of difference to the appearance of your bathroom.

In conclusion, it’s time to do those small inexpensive updates that will make your rental  the one to love!


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Spring vegetable garden time is here!

vWe thought it would never come, and maybe it still won’t, but we are hoping that Spring will eventually arrive.  When it does, we want you to be ready to garden!

What grows in Coeur d’Alene anyway?

Well, according to the USDA,  Coeur d’Alene is zone 6.  This means that we can grow plants that can stand temperatures down to -10 or so.  With that in mind, what does that really mean?

Start plants indoors!

There are some types of hardy vegetables that can stand up to the uncertain weather that we all know as Spring.  Among these are, spinach, peas, lettuce, and the cauliflower family.  Tomatoes and  peppers love hot days and warm nights, and really need to be started inside where the temperature is more moderate and there is no threat of freezing.  You can start them either by seed or by seedling.  Usually, these can be purchased at the local nursery or at the home hardware outlet such as Home Depot or Lowes.  To start them, you will need some sort of pot, soil, and either seeds or seedlings.  Add sunlight and some water, and by the time the weather becomes more stable, you should be well on your way to Summer produce.

Usually by May, again according to the USDA, the threat of frost should be over.  It will be safe to transplant those vegetables outside.  If you have doubts about the threat of frost being a thing of the past, there is a formula that you can download from our now good buddy authority, the USDA to calculate the last frost date.

If you are skeptical of the government’s ability to accurately calculate the last frost date, another resource is available.  The “Old Farmer’s Almanac” publishes such information as well.  Take your pick!

Either way, now is a great time to plan and start your vegetable garden, so get going!


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Spring clean that living room!

curtainJust in case Spring does arrive, we want you to be ready.  That means you had probably better think about Spring cleaning your home.  You have kept up with the vacuuming and dusting.  You have done laundry every Monday.  Good for you!  Now it is time to clean that living room!

Your living room

All Winter, you have been living in your living room.  You have been keeping warm by the wood stove or fireplace.  Or, you have been watching the snow from there.  You have spent hours and hours wishing you were outside.  Playing golf, planting the garden, taking a sunbath.  Whatever you have been longing for or  dreaming about, you have probably been doing it in the living room. Therefore, it is time for you to clean that most-used area.  First, those curtains!

Clean your curtains!

While we don’t know how you see your curtains, we don’t think about the dust that lands on them.  You would think that dust only lands on horizontal surfaces, but it lands everywhere.  As a result,  you will be amazed at how dirty they were once you have cleaned them.

Find that pesky tag on your curtains, the one that tells you NEVER to remove it.  It should have cleaning and drying instructions.   You may get away with just vacuuming them really well. They may only need  steaming.  Assuming that you stayed away from those expensive “dry clean only” drapes, you may be able to wash them in your washing machine.  After washing, you can hang them back up.  Or, you can touch them up with your iron when they are dried if needed.  The iron, you know, that silver metal device your Grandmother used to straighten her hair back in the day?  Well, never mind, on we go…

Just these few tips will make a surprising difference in the appearance of your home, and may even inspire you to tackle the rest of your living room!

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Interior decorating trends for 2017

terra cottaOk, last time we talked about this year’s trends in interior paint colors.  We decided that the best choice is to go with whatever colors match your furniture, or suit your life.  This week, we are diving into the ” hot” trends in interior design.  Oh goody!

What’s new?

According to the experts, last year  we should have added white and other cool colors.  Now, we need to be all about warm textures and colors.  Terra cotta isn’t just for floors anymore.  All the “best” homes will be using it.  In the form of feature walls, and in fireplace surrounds.  Although, we are being warned to stay away from terra cotta that looks too rustic.

Not all cork is in a bottle

Once we have our terra cotta feature wall, we are ready to tackle some cork, or are we?  Apparently, we should consider using cork for accent pieces, such as end tables and/or coffee tables.  We may even go so far as to make a feature wall from cork.  And, we can pin things right to the cork wall.  How practical.

Are you feeling optimistic?

Well, if you are, this is the year to redecorate!  The experts agree that jewel tones and etherial fabrics will express our optimism both about where we have been, design-wise and where we are going.  Last year, we should have “done up” our homes in copper, marble, and of all things, fiddle leaf fig plants.  However, how to dispose of our no longer desired must-have house plant eludes us, we imagine that you can send all your now unstylish decorative items to the Goodwill and start over.  Furthermore,  you can  incorporate all of last year’s great decorating items into your freshly terra cotta and corked home and make the perfect blend of  “retro” and what is “hot” for this year.  We say, good luck!

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