Your grass, how is it looking?

Spring is here, time to think about outside projects.  Could your grass use some love?  Here is the hot ticket to get your lawn looking lovely again!

Get-ready checklist

When was the last time that you sharpened your lawnmower blades?  Many lawn care maintenance companies sharpen their blades daily, but you probably don’t need to.  However, especially if you can’t remember the last time you did it, perhaps you should before cutting your lawn.  Did you change the  oil before you put it away for Winter?  If you did not Winterize it, you really should change it’s oil, too.  Make sure your mower is happy before you tackle your lawn!

Mow low!

For the first cutting at least, you should set your mowing height lower so that you remove excess thatch that builds up in your lawn over the cold weather.  Some thatch is good for your grass, helping it to hold in moisture during the Summer.  However, too much keeps moisture from reaching the roots of your lawn, and that will make it die in Summer heat.  After you have mowed it once or twice, you will want to raise the blade height up again to allow your grass to grow.

Do you plant grass or kill weeds?

You can either apply pre-emergent weed killer or you can plant grass seed to fill in gaps and bare spots in your lawn.  You cannot do both at the same time.   The whole reason that pre-emergent works is that it keeps the seeds from germinating.  Therefore, if you use it to kill weeds, you don’t want to plant grass seeds.  Do one or the other!  And, in our climate, it is better to plant larger areas of grass seeds in Autumn than now.

How about fertilizer?

If you must fertilize now, please give your lawn a light dose.  If you fertilize too much or too early, your grass will grow rapidly, however it will not be hardy enough to withstand the hot Summer weather.